Special relativistic nonsense


    Special Relativity (SR) is divorced from Science because it places the observer rather than the test
    object at the center of inquiry. SR deals with what an observer sees, perceives, or measures and not
    with what actually is or happens out there. Without testimony, SR collapses at the speed of light.
    Followers of this religion propose that length shortens, mass increases, and time dilates simply
    because an object travels at great speeds (Fig. 1). The different relativity sects can’t seem to agree
    as to whether these counter-intuitive claims are real or just optical illusions.
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    Actually, these conclusions have much to do with semantics, less with epistemology, and nothing at all
    with Math. The problems with SR have to do with poor definitions and inconsistent usage of the strategic
    terms used to communicate   physical interpretations.  Here, I investigate Einstein’s supernatural SR
    claims and explain why they are not only physically but, more fundamentally, conceptually impossible.
    In the process, I zero-in on the true meanings of the words length, distance, mass, energy, and time.

Fig. 1

Supernatural and irrational claims of
Special Relativity.
Relativists claim that a person traveling
close to the speed of light (near-c)
physically contracts in the direction of
motion, increases the amount of matter in
his body, and stays in the past with respect
to a static observer. The mathematicians
wish you to believe that these conclusions
are scientific because they inferred them
from equations.

The supernatural and irrational claims of
Special Relativity really show that
Mathematics is not the language of
Physics. In fact, Mathematics is not even a
requirement of Science. Math is just a
language Man invented to quantify the
world around him. Math has to do with
relations and not with WHAT IS!


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