The ubiquitous field so pervades the 'scientific' literature that most theories would collapse without it.
    However, the mathematicians have first failed to define this strategic word scientifically. Specifically,
    they define a field as an abstract concept, but treat it like a physical object. Then, they use this strategic
    word inconsistently throughout their presentations anyway. The inconsistent use of this versatile term
    leads to ludicrous conclusions.  

    Here I show that there is no physical object or medium in Science or in Physics known as a field. This
    overly convenient word should never have been invented; it hides more than it reveals. The word field
    belongs exclusively in religion right up there with other explain-it-all concepts such as God, heaven,
    angel, and soul.

    The mathematicians may attempt to reduce the impact of my statements and say that, yes, perhaps
    they may have abused the word field in their writings. But this doesn't mean that we should discard
    such a useful term. We simply need to be more careful when using this word.

    So I say it a little more bluntly to make sure that everyone and their mothers understand:

    "Only a stupid moron uses the word field to explain a phenomenon of nature."

    Now what part of moron did you not understand?
Damn it! One of those oxen
just fouled me right foot.
This must be a
magnetic field, Bill.  
The metal plow
won't budge and
the oxen's shoes
are glued like
bricks on a wall.
Adapted for the Internet from:

Why God Doesn't Exist
The word field of Mathematical
Physics is unscientific


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