There is no such thing as a black hole

The paper titled 'There is no such thing as a black hole' was presented at the
International Conference of Rational Science held in Acapulco, Mexico,
on February 22, 2016. It was published later that year.
A video of the presentation is at the bottom of this page.
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dark matter
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Direct  Detection
                        A modification  of  the  Newtonian  dynamics  as  a  possible
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                                                                           Rotational   Properties   of  21  Sc
Galaxies  with  a  Large  Range  of  Luminosities  and  Radii from NGC 4605
(R=4kpc)  to  UGC  2885  (R=122kpc)
                                   The  Birth  of  a  Relativistic  Outflow  in  the  Unusual  γ-
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