Do you suspect that something is wrong with what you read about in the so-called 'physics' journals
    and popularization magazines? Don't black holes sound a bit magical? Doesn't Big Bang come across
    as Creationist? Does the establishment's 'explanation' that there are many copies of you, each in a
    different universe, make you wonder about the state of mind of the theorists? If any of these physical
    interpretations strike you as a bit suspicious, perhaps it is time for you to consider an alternative.

    Why God Doesn't Exist (WGDE) presents a fresh perspective on the nature of light, gravity, magnetism,
    the atom, and the workings of the Universe in general that is rational. It is rational because each theory
    is illustrated. But more fundamental yet, it is rational because unlike the religion of Mathematical
    'physics', you will not be asked to move concepts. You will not be required to strain your mind
    attempting to visualize the 'transfer of energy' or the shape of 'a' mass. You can understand the
    mechanism being proposed by just watching the videos that accompany the book.

    WGDE is for intelligent laymen who simply want to understand the workings of our simple, symmetric
    Universe. It's for people who want to understand the causes and mechanisms that underlie physical
    phenomena. The underlying hypothesis is that all atoms in the Universe are interconnected.

    514 pages, paperback, 4th Edition, ISBN 978-0-9704960-5-8, ViNi (2008)

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