A word about four-letter
words and ridicule:

Why God Doesn't Exist

    So now you know where I'm coming from. Relativists have no intention of respecting you if you even dare to
    doubt Pastor Al Einstein and his teachings. They have created the poisoned atmosphere in a vain attempt to
    defend their religion at all costs. In their view, relativity and quantum are done deals. There is nothing more to
    argue. There is no more science than this. If you fail to recant, they will put you under house arrest or stretch
    you on the rack. Then, they will spit on you, place a crown of thorns on your head, and pierce your side with
    a slide rule. Make no mistake. This is the 'scientific' environment out there. I will conform to their standards.

    Ironically, it is one of Baez's cronies, Chris Hillman, who more or less summarizes my feelings towards the

       " It's never pleasant to accuse someone with academic credentials of
          rank incompetence in his profession, but evidently a substantial
          number of leading physicists and astronomers agreed with my feeling
          that scientists have a duty to be quite blunt and outspoken about
          -repeated-, -numerous-, -flagrant-, and very -public- misrepresentations
          and misstatements about their field. And, I believe, we have a duty to
          speak out against pseudoscience (and 'lying with statistics') in general." [1]

    Here, I will follow his advice and speak out as bluntly as I can against the false prophets of Mathematical
    Physics. We don't need pseudo-scientists misleading the public with their idiotic theories about relativity,
    quantum, strings, and branes, or poisoning the atmosphere with their diatribes, rants, and ridicule. It is patently
    obvious that nothing, a b s o l u t e l y  n o t h i n g  in Mathematical Physics has any relation to the real world.
    The idiots who believe in this nonsense have long ago lost touch with Physics. They should be locked away in
    mental institutions.

    So now you have a better idea of why I don’t take kindly to mathematical physicists. In this website, I will  not
    treat them merely as disoriented individuals. I will treat them as they deserve to be treated: as idiots. I cannot
    come around to respect an individual who spent between 6 and 10 years at a university only to end up believing
    in surrealistic space-time, fantastic black holes, and magical virtual particles. Any college grad and beyond who
    gawks when he hears of time travel, many worlds, or the Uncertainty Principle  has to have his head examined.
    It only adds insult to injury when the arrogant lamebrain tries to make a dissident or a skeptic look like a fool for
    not believing in the same nonsense:

    Actually, I don’t take relativists that seriously because I find the whole irony rather amusing. That's why I can
    sleep at nights after calling a mathematician an idiot. Here we have a being which has developed its brain to
    such a level of sophistication that it has made a 360º turn and become dumber than a snail. If you have had a
    run-in with relativists in the past and know what I’m talking about, I urge you to do the same.   Let’s put ill
    feelings and deep grudges aside and just have some fun with them. To quote Bohr:

    "Some subjects are so serious that one can only joke about them." [2]

    So let’s go roast Einstein's idiots!

    Bill Gaede

    February 15, 2008

Don't mess with me,
you stupid relativist!


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