A trio of one

    In order to understand who Rolando Sarraff Trujillo is, you absolutely need to get to know Pepe Cohen and his
    wife Lazara Brito Gonzalez. All of our lives were and are, for better or for worse, intertwined.

    In recent declarations to the Miami Herald Pepe denies that all of us were related in regards to espionage.
    The Herald writes:
Members of PR2:  Lieutenant José (Pepe) Cohen Valdés,
Captain Lázara Brito González

    The following is the coded letter I wrote to Roly (a.k.a. Carlos, Roman) in November of 1993. Recall that
    in 1992 I identified Roly as 'Carlos' for Special Agent Jim King. The Doctor is the CIA, my sister is my wife,
    and I'm telling him that if he doesn't send cryptographic information the entire operation is not getting off the
    ground. It never did. The CIA and the FBI only began to work with Pepe and Roly AFTER Pepe left the
    island on his own.

    Just in case the FBI wrote a 9 page report on me that was introduced under Rule 16 of the Federal Code in
    my trial (U.S. v. Bill Gaede, CR 95-20118 RMW, 145 F3d 1342, United States of America v. Gaede.
    May 19, 1998. Supreme Court, Case # 98-8940, Gaede, Bill v. United States). The report clearly shows
    that the U.S. agencies knew absolutely nothing about Pepe Cohen until then and did not even have Roly's
    name yet whom they vaguely knew as 'Carlos'. Therefore, Pepe Cohen did NOT send information to the
    U.S. Government since 1990 as he tells everyone today. In fact, it is clear from the official record that he
    started sending information to the CIA in mid 1992. However, by mid 1994 -- two years later -- the American
    agencies still did not believe that Pepe, Roly, and Lazara were acting without supervision. The reason Pepe
    had to raft out of Cuba in August on 1994 is that the CIA and the FBI never believed in PR-2.

    So where did I get all the names and addresses and letters of these Cuban agents if they were not part of
    PR-2? In fact, officially, I wasn't supposed to know any intelligence agent outside of the M-VI. Where did I
    meet Roly (M-XV) and Lazara (M-XI) and for what purpose? Who were we talking about with the FBI and
    the CIA when my wife and I mentioned Pepe, Roly and Lazara? What proof has Pepe Cohen provided that
    will stand up in a court of law that what he says is true? Quite the contrary, without any objective evidence
    whatsoever, Pepe shamelessly says that you should believe him and not me...

    Pepe Betrayer, the truth slayer

    Actually, Pepe doesn't just keep silence and say "no comment". He lies pro-actively and skillfully diverts the
    attention from the relevant issues. His declarations to reporters do not answer the questions that are being
    asked of him.
Expand letter

    A master manipulator that explains why he is a successful AmWay salesman, Pepe is slyly diverting attention
    from the issue at hand. No one questions whether TODAY he is a fanatic pro-American or that he provided
    vital intelligence information AFTER he left the island. The issue at hand is what happened while he was on
    the island BEFORE he escaped. We are addressing the period from 1990 to 1994 a time during which he
    was a fanatic communist working for Fidel Castro.

    The record plainly shows (see video below):

    ..........1. that the FBI and the CIA did not believe in Pepe while he was on the island

    ..........2. and as a result did not carry out an operation to extract him

    ..........3. and that Lazara and Roly were part of PR-2

    The lie that Pepe told and which I just expose about Roly and Lazara not being part of PR-2 shows that it is
    Pepe Cohen who is trying to bury what he did when he was under orders of the Interior Ministry. If that were
    to come out, not only would Pepe look quite bad in the community in which he lives and works, but it might
    also derail what the U.S. Government is probably preparing regarding Roly. Pepe will be part of that public
    relations campaign if they ever release Roly to the press and he will surely play along.

    What Pepe has done is distort his activities in the years from 1990 to 1994 to make himself look like a hero
    when he was in fact a fanatic communist working for the repressive Interior Ministry. Pepe was an individual
    hated by his own family for being a government snitch, who later, when I changed his mind, failed to provide
    credible  information to the American agencies. He ended up betraying me by telling me inside the Riviera
    Hotel during my second trip to Cuba in January 1992 that he wanted to cooperate with the CIA. When my
    wife mentioned to him that they could be listening, he put us at ease, stating that Fidel's people:

    ..........1. had no suspicions of us

    ..........2. would tell him if they carried out such an operation since he was our chaperon and

    ..........3. because such delicate task requires the expertise of specialized personnel

    On June 2, 2008, in a program titled Ultima Palabra Pepe and Jorge Luis Vazquez, a Cuban researcher,
    testified that the East German secret service (Stasi) had bugged the hotels in Havana for Interior Minister
    Ramiro Valdes as early as 1984 because "Valdes was suspicious of everything and everyone". When Pepe
    told me that he was trying to elope and work for the CIA in 1992 he did it in front of the Fidel's secret
    cameras and recorders. He knew all along that they were filming us. Fidel promoted him to captain for a
    job well done! These are the questions that Pepe Cohen is trying to deflect.

    Of course, today, Pepe denies this lowest of betrayals that anyone can do to a friend. He argues, instead,
    that he confessed in the middle of a beach.

    My wife and I remember that day like it was today, such was the impact it caused us. We had gone to Cuba
    to help him and Lazara, and later Roly, to escape. And they ended up stabbing us in the back, working behind
    the scenes for Fidel Castro. Again: IN THOSE DAYS!

    But assuming that we concede Pepe's version, it still doesn't absolve him for at least two reasons. The first
    one is that we conspired in secret with him several times at the Riviera. The second one is that because he
    told us that we weren't being monitored, my wife and I spoke openly inside the hotel room about Pepe's
    philosophical reversal and plans. Fidel Castro would have executed him for half of the things we said about
    Lazara and him.

    Therefore, whenever Pepe Cohen states that he worked for the CIA inside Cuba, ask him to show you some
    hard evidence. What material sources can Pepe provide that would stand up in court about what he did

    That's what I'm going to do in the video below. I'm not going to ask you to believe ME. I'm going to ask you
    to look at the hard evidence and make up your own mind about who's lying.

    This is blatantly false, but it is quite interesting and amusing that Pepe Cohen is going out of his way to
    suppress this information and mislead his community.

    So let’s start there. Let’s provide hard evidence that all three of us formed part of the same group and which
    Pepe named PR-2 which stands for Partido Revolucionario 2, Revolutionary Party #2 , The one founded by
    Jose Marti, the George Washington of Cuba in the 19th Century, being the first one.

    Here are the letters that Roly, Lazara, and Pepe wrote in March of 1993 and sent through me in an organizer
    (which we referred to as 'calculator') to establish their bonafides with the CIA. Special Agent Jim King asked
    me to do him the favor of translating them from Spanish into English which I did for the FBI. The one uploaded
    is the transcription made by my wife.

    The letter includes Roly's address and phone number. It also shows that he did not know anything about
    cryptography. It is Lazara who was the crypto-expert of the group, and Pepe mentions that SHE can provide
    codes to the American Government. Lazara first worked at the M-XI Cryptoanalysis and then at the M-VIII,
    Cryptography. Roly's letter starts on the second page, beginning "Querido hermano..."
Pepe wants you to believe that Roly was not a member of PR-2. So?
Did Roly belong to another of my cells that channeled info to the CIA?
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