explanation, explain

    1.      The causes (Physics) or reasons (Philosophy) underlying a phenomenon.

    2.       The prosecutor’s version of how or why a consummated event happened.  

    3.      To theorize

    to explain: To externalize or disclose the manner in which an individual believes a consummated event
    occurred. An explanation deals exclusively with the past.

    (Syn.: reason, motive, theory, why, hearsay, interpretation, justification, version, account, point of view,
    allegation, claim, movie, story, history, behavior, tale, novel, clarification, understanding, cause, comment,
    rendition, exposition, summary, presentation, meaning, significance, report, statement = narrative?, alibi,
    assertion, declaration, opinion, subjective, claim, defense, disclosure, feedback, rebuttal, refutation,
    rejoinder, remark, response, reply, admission, confession, criticism, critique, discourse, exposition,
    remark, cognition, comprehension, thinking out loud, mental fact/grasp, perception, philosophizing,
    representation, speculating, speculation, fable, anecdote, judgment).


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