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Why God Doesn't Exist
GR stands for
Goofy Religion


    General Relativity (GR) is not a scientific theory. The mathematicians either present unimaginable objects
    (4-D space-time, 0-D point particle, tesseract, warped or infinite space) or propose the movement of
    concepts (energy transfer, movement of the center of mass, field accelerating a particle). Relativists only
    offer supernatural and irrational explanations for physical phenomena. In this sense, relativity has by far
    outdone traditional religion.

    Because GR cannot point to a physical entity as required by the scientific method, relativists are
    compelled to explain their theories through analogies. The problem is that the analogies of GR are
    misconceived. They do not help us understand four-dimensional objects. The analogies simply reinforce
    that relativists don't understand the scientific method.

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Relativity surrounds
everything. No one
can escape it!


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