Relativists claim that their equations 'predict' the existence of magical
    entities called black holes. I say'magical' because these enigmatic objects
    don't have shape or dimensions, yet the mathematicians insist that they
    have the ability to suck in real objects the likes of astronauts and clocks.
    Even more astounding, the experts claim that black holes are also capable
    of stretching a minute.

    A closer look reveals that black holes are not really objects, but abstract
    mathematical concepts. This alone makes it irrational to say that black
    holes exist. If we now add that the experts have conflicting versions of
    what black holes are and how they form, the level of suspicion turns into
    outright skepticism. And when the mathematicians tell you that they have
    confirmed the existence of black holes, skepticism turns into brash
    cynicism. How can the mathematicians have confirmed the existence of
    black holes when they have yet to tell us what a black hole is. They cannot
    draw for you a 0-D singularity on a piece of paper! How could they have
    seen one in the middle of space?

    The entire black hole charade is hilarious -- it certainly beats slapstick!
    The black hole is a circus act made for gullible idiots. You shouldn't miss it.
    Enjoy the show! Don't forget the popcorn.   
Why black holes
don't exist
Adapted for the Internet from:

Why God Doesn't Exist
I thought
Steve was
staying for
Can you believe that guy? I'm just messing
with him, telling him that black holes suck,
and he's so pissed that he runs off like a
wild animal, promising to catch the nearest
black hole he can find just to show me!


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