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Why God Doesn't Exist


    In the sentence 'God exists', the problem is not the word God. The problem is the word exist. For over 2000 years
    now the philosophers have asked themselves what it means to say that something exists, and most have lost hope
    of answering this question. So they just leave it at that and continue talking endlessly and in circles about nonsense.

    Physics is the science of existence. Physics deals only with what exists. Therefore, in Physics, we cannot elude this
    responsibility. We have no alternative but to define this tantalizing word before we can begin a discussion about natural

    In everyday parlance, we hear statements such as 'love exists', 'there exists a number that solves the equation...', 'God
    exists', or 'space exists.' We must take such claims for what they are: unscientific. The problem with this ordinary usage
    is inconsistency. The proponent is not using a version of the word exist that he can use consistently in a discussion. For
    instance, it is qualitatively different to say that 'love exists' or that 'a leprechaun exists' than to say that 'my car exists' or
    that 'this table exists.' If everything we can name or think about exists, the word exist loses all meaning. There is only one
    possible definition of the word exist that is scientific (i.e., that can be used consistently). The word exist means 'physical
    presence.' For the purposes of Science, the word exist may only be used in the context of physical objects. Real objects
    have location. Abstract objects, concepts, and space don't. This definition compels us to define unambiguously what we
    mean by object and by location and to distinguish them from concepts and space. Once these definitions are in place, we
    arrive at the word that eluded Newton and his contemporaries: motion.

    The scientific definition of the word exist destroys all religions. It compels the religionists and the mathematical physicists
    to choose. Under this regime, it is no longer possible for the theist to treat God, the soul, or love as both a physical object
    and as an abstract concept, simultaneously existing and not existing. God cannot simultaneously have and not have
    shape. God cannot simultaneously be an anthropomorphic being and an abstract concept such as the Word, Love, or
    Grace. Likewise, it is no longer possible for relativists, mechanics, and string theorists to fall back on their infamous
    dualities. They won't be able to treat black holes, point particles, and Planck lengths as both objects and concepts.
    Either space-time is a physical object or it is an abstract mathematical concept. If a concept, space-time doesn't exist by
    definition and doesn't belong in Physics. The mathematicians cannot have it both ways. It is the malleable definitions of
    the strategic words object and exist that has led the theorists to talk in circles since the start of civilization. The word exist
    is the most important word in Science. Until we define it unambiguously, we cannot possibly be carrying out a rational
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