1.       A supernatural or irrational theory.

    2.       A logically inconsistent explanation or theory.

    3.       A proposed technology, explanation, or idea that violate logic or the laws of Physics, or that
    has no chance of materializing in the real world. (e.g., true magic, General Relativity, black hole,
    space-time, warped space, duality, Quantum Mechanics, tachyons, voyage to the center of the
    Earth, Superman, Sylvester the Cat, Jesus walking on water, Jonas swallowed by a fish, Noah’s
    Arc, parting the Red Sea, Creation, Little Red, android, extropism).

    Some counter-argue that what is magic to us today may convert to technology in future generations:

    Any science or technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable
      from magic.”  - Arthur C. Clarke

    The example most often given in support of this argument is that of Jules Verne. This 19th Century
    author wrote about travel through air, space, and the deep sea before any of these ideas materialized.
    The idiot of relativity extrapolates from this that anything we can dream about today will become
    technology in the future.

    Again, this shows just how little common sense the mathematicians of the world have. One thing is to
    talk about airplanes and submarines. Whether we knew it or not in the 19th Century, these inventions
    were within our capabilities. Another is to talk about reaching the nearest star alive. There is absolutely
    no chance that Man can ever accomplish such a goal. Travel to the nearest star is not science fiction. It
    is 100% fantasy.

    (Synonym: unscientific)


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