1.       An utterly foolish or senseless individual; lacking expertise or mental skills for the issue at hand;

    2.       A person with little common sense or capacity to reason simple things; an illogical, irrational

    3.       A person who offers Ptolemaic explanations for natural phenomena. An individual who
    falls back on supernatural or irrational justifications. A person who moves concepts or proposes
    irrational (i.e., unimaginable) objects.

    4.       An individual with no street smartness. An extremely gullible or naive person.

    5.       A mentally sick or unbalanced person (severe/medical case of idiocy). There are different levels
    of idiocy. Some requiring the assistance of psychologists and/or psychiatrists, for instance mental
    retardation. Most relativists fall into this category.

    synonyms: mathematical physicist, fool, foolish, mental clown, lamebrain, no-brain, P-brane,
    P-brain, pea-brain, bird-brain, stupid, crazy, numskull, stooge, dumb, dumbbell, crazy, crank,
    crackpot, candid,nitwit, dimwit, imbecile; dunce, ass, blockhead, dork, ignoramus, jerk, meathead,
    moron, nincompoop, bozo, trog, Neanderthal.


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