motion, movement

    What is a concept?
    1. More than one location of an object.

    Verbs are words that represent motion.

    to move

    (syn: verb, displacement, distance-traveled, vector, movement)
    In ordinary speech, the word motion is a noun and may be used as the subject of a sentence:

           "Motion was constant."

    In this sentence, the word motion is both a noun and the subject. This is okay in ordinary vernacular but
    unacceptable for the purposes of Science. Motion is not what something is, but what something does.
    Motion is an action and is thus regarded as a verb. We can't make movies with abstract verbs. We can
    only film objects, things which have shape. On the screen, we can see a ball jumping. We cannot see
    jumping without the ball. Hence, the word motion cannot serve as the ultimate subject matter in a
    scientific dissertation because there is something that is performing the motion. We can grab a single
    frame of the film and point to the ball. We cannot point to jumping or to motion in a single frame of the
    film. Concepts are relations between two or more things. Concepts already embody motion (the relation
    made by a human). Therefore, it is irrational to say that a concept itself moves. We cannot transfer
    energy or move a mass because energy and mass are concepts that already embody motion. We
    cannot synthesize energy or mass in a single frame of the movie.


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