1.       That which has no shape, boundaries, or surface.

    2.       One of the two constituents of our binary universe, the other being matter. Light consists of
    DNA-like ropes that interconnect the atoms in the Universe. Yet, although light is not matter
    per se, it is the raw material of which matter is comprised. Under the rope model, the ultimate
    reality is that the entire Universe consists of a single closed loop thread drifting 'in' space and
    for no purpose. This thread makes up the ropes we know as light as well the knots we know
    as atoms. When the threads swing locally, they generate phenomena we know as electricity
    and magnetism.

    Space enjoys the following properties: intangible (indivisible), transparent, discontinuous, and     
    immobile (temperature-less). Concepts differ from space in that they are artificial. Man created all
    concepts. Man did not create space.

    Synonyms: zero, background, position, place, where, nothing, discontinuity.


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