Many experts and astronomers believe that humans will colonize first the Solar System, then another star system, next the
    Milky Way Galaxy, and eventually the entire Universe. Whether the experts are merely daydreaming out loud or talking
    seriously is unclear. What is clear is that the colonization of even one planet here in the Solar System is wishful thinking of
    a bunch of dreamers. We will not terraform or colonize any rock whirling in our neighborhood let alone one swinging
    around another star. We will never live in space toruses, cylinders, or spheres, or travel to another star in solar sails in
    what little time our species has left here on Earth. We are not only limited by technology (specifically our inability to master
    the necessary speeds), but have no purpose to live in a place other than on Earth anyway. Our global economic situation
    nevertheless forbids such gargantuan ventures. The mathematical physicists come up with these fantastic scenarios from
    indulging in too much fiction and using too little common sense. They have long ago lost touch with reality. The pie-in-the-sky,
    Hollywoodesque physics of Einstein and Hawking receives a wake up call from our pressing situation here on Earth and from
    real Science.

    Hell no, we won't go! We are stuck here on Earth, caught between a sword and the wall. On the one hand, we can't leave the
    Solar System. On the other, our Sun is patiently working itself into a cinder. Therefore, the grand picture predicts that Man
    won't live forever. Once we convince the most recalcitrant of skeptics that our eventual extinction is inevitable, showing that
    Man won't even make it past this century is a piece of cake.


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We won't colonize
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