How the last human died
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Why God Doesn't Exist


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    In the old days, every hunter-gatherer and subsistence farmer procured his own food. The urban proletarian, instead, is
    entirely at the mercy of big agricultural corporations and intermediaries who feed him for a profit. It's simple. No profits,
    no food. The members of our famous 'intelligent' species have gradually distanced themselves and lost control over the
    only scarce resource that keeps them alive: food.

    Now imagine an Orwellian scenario where the global economy collapses entirely and profits vanish overnight. Where are
    you going to get your meals during the following few weeks?

    So who says that the economy is going to collapse? That only happens to dinosaurs, and they are...

    The economic history of Man has been a slow, but persistent progress towards efficiency. First we shifted laborers from
    the farms to the cities and put them to work in factories. Then we converted factory workers into office employees. The
    entire planet has moved from agriculture to manufacturing and from manufacturing recently to services. We live today in
    a global service economy. Manufacturing continues to decline and is increasingly a smaller proportion of global GDP.
    Therefore, tangible inventions (i.e., technology) will not reverse the economic course Mother Nature has set for Man. The
    day that the service sector becomes saturated, we have no other major category in which to put people to work. To make
    our predicament more dire, we are not putting out babies (i.e., demand). No work, no demand; no demand, no profits; no
    profits, no food.

    In fact, the situation is much worse than you think. We don't need for Man's global artificial economy to collapse. As soon
    as the US economy -- the driver of the global economy -- disintegrates, whether you are Bill Gates or Bill Gaede you have
    only a few weeks to live!
I was drunk when I made you guys
back in the days of Eden, and that
was a big mistake. Now I'm drunk
again, hic. So guess what? I think it's
time to send the four horsemen and
correct the mistake for good!