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The last stage of a
mass extinction:
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Why God Doesn't Exist

    So what can you look forward to the day our artificial economy collapses? How are you going to stay alive (i.e., feed
    yourself)? Will you go to the asphalt jungle and bag yourself a woolly or maybe plant potatoes on your living room
    carpet? Think of it. You are entirely like a baby, dependent on your local grocery store, which in turn is entirely
    dependent on the agricultural corporation for the production, manufacturing, and distribution of food. The problem
    is that the agricultural corporation performs all these services for a profit and not to keep you alive. No profits, no
    food. It’s just that simple.

    So what happens to a population that starves? Does it go to the voting booth and fire its politicians?  What good will
    come of this if the politicians can’t remedy the situation? Will political leaders order private corporations running the
    food supply to put out more food at gunpoint to make it less expensive on the consumer? I mention this because at
    least one fellow speculates that this may be a solution during hard times:

    “ during a famine, doubling the supply of food has large positive externalities
      because starvation leads to robbery, hunger riots, and even cannibalism.
      During times of plenty, however, doubling the food supply would probably
      have no noticeable effect on crime.” [1]

    In worst case scenarios, when order collapses entirely, you can expect people to take matters into their own hands.
    The record shows that desperate people resort to cannibalism. [2] [3]

    “ The collapse of the productive forces surpassed anything of the kind that
      history had ever seen. The country and its government were at the very
      edge of the abyss. Although the Bolsheviks won the Civil War, Russia’s
      national income had dropped to only one-third and industrial output to
      less than one-fifth of the prewar levels. By 1921 Moscow had lost half its
      population; Petrograd, two-thirds… In those areas, 90 to 95 percent of the
      children under three years old died; surviving children were abandoned
      as one or both parents died, leaving them starving and homeless. There
      were incidents of cannibalism.” [4]

    It is important to note that the atrocities happened independently of those committed directly by the politicians. We
    also must keep in mind that Russia received external aid. It was not a closed economy.

    Cannibalism was also reported to have happened during the Great Famine of 1315. Perhaps the T-Rex bite marks we
    see on other T-Rexes are an indication that these creatures resorted to cannibalism when their immediate habitat
    collapsed. [5]  In some cases, we are perhaps staring at some of the last T-Rexes that ever walked on Earth.

    Nevertheless, we can expect cannibalism to be widespread when there is nothing left to eat. The very last stage of a
    mass extinction is necessarily cannibalism. It happens to the best of us. The strong will eat the weak, the father his
    child, the jailer his prisoner, the doctor his patient. The demographic collapse is exponential. It happens everywhere
    at the same time.
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