1. A word that embodies or invokes more than one object or location.

    2. A relation between two objects or locations established or made by an observer.

    The word object precedes the word concept because a concept requires a minimum of two objects.

    synonyms: mathematical object, idea, notion, abstraction, relation, term, noun, subject, word

    relevant examples in Physics and Science: distance, location, direction, motion, 3-D, dimension,
    coordinate, vector, gravity, straight, flat, angle, perpendicular, tilt, parallel, rectilinear, between, definition,
    description, explanation, push - pull

    relevant examples in the religion of Mathematical Physics: mass, energy, force, time, field, position,
    momentum, negative momentum, function, point / 0-D particle, wave, wave-packet, vortex, aether, virtual
    particle, annihilation, 0-D, 1-D, 4-D, 11-D, 26-D, parallel universe - multiverse, oscillating universe, Big
    Bang, space-time, hypercube - tesseract, light cone, time travel, FTL, singularity, black hole, wormhole,
    dark matter, dark energy, negative energy, charge, orbital, infinite - infinity, duality, prediction, testing the
    hypothesis, constructing geometric figures, Uncertainty - Indeterminacy, Schrodinger's Cat,
    Complementarity, structural space, moving a concept, unimaginable object, intelligence greater than
    human, travel to the nearest star, terraforming, extropist, posthuman, unlimited technology, eternity,
    evolution is a fact, proof of existence

    relevant examples in traditional religion: spirit, soul, conscience, angel, halo, ghost, apparition, God,
    Devil, heaven, hell, risen, grace, walking on water, rebirth - reincarnation, avatar, yin - yang, Tao, sign,
    divination, prophecy, alchemy, palm reading, testimonial, oracle, eternity, belief in existence


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