1. A word used to refer to a hypothetical object that doesn’t have shape: an oxymoron.

    infinity: The adjective infinite turned into a noun. Infinity refers to an unimaginable place or location or to an
    object (such as a physical boundary or surface) that can never be reached because it travels faster than the

    infinite (adjective): Said of a hypothetical and solitary, continuous object. An infinite object is the only object
    in existence; its shape cannot even be conceptualized.
    Case Study     Meet me at infinity
    Infinite is exclusively an adjective. It means that the object is so large that we cannot see its shape. Actually,
    this crucial word is unscientific in all its variants and under any usage. An object is that which has shape. An
    infinite object then means that we have a shapeless shape. An infinite object is an oxymoron.

    The mathematicians have added a higher degree of complexity. They say that numbers are infinite, when they
    really mean that counting is incessant. Then they converted the adjective infinite into the noun infinity, a
    mythological entity or place where the mathematician loses all hope of answering a question. The word
    infinity enables him to leave the crucial questions open-ended. He is saying that he doesn’t know what
    happens at infinity that it is impertinent to ask the question, and that we will never reach infinity so why worry
    about it.


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