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Why God Doesn't Exist

    In order for her audience to visualize the tiny, but obviously 2-D object in front of us, the theorist places his string against a

    “ the strings in string theory are floating in spacetime” [1]

    “ In string theory, one represents matter as closed string” [2]

    In String Theory, a string is contoured by and floats in space.

    But then, the string theorist also tells you that space and time are also made of strings:

    “ The simplest case to imagine is a single string traveling in a flat spacetime in d
      dimensions, meaning that it is traveling across space while time is ticking, so to
      speak. A string is a one-dimensional object, meaning that if you want to travel
      along a string, you can only go forwards or backwards in the direction of the
      string, there is no sideways or up and down on a string. The string can move
      sideways or up and down in spacetime, though, and as the string moves around
      in spacetime, it sweeps out a surface in spacetime called the string worldsheet,
      a two-dimensional surface with one dimension of space and one dimension of
      time.” [3]

    “ In the nonrelativistic string, there was a clear difference between the space
      coordinate along the string, and the time coordinate. But in a relativistic string
      theory, we wind up having to consider the world sheet of the string as a two-
      dimensional spacetime of its own, where the division between space and time
      depends upon the observer.” [4]

    “ D-branes appear as space-time defects, which give rise to a ‘discrete’ cellular
      structure in the space-time manifold... Multiple D-branes may overlap and interact
      via the exchanges of open strings with ends attached to the brane surface,
      yielding a non-commutative geometry of space.” [5]

    Therefore, according to String Theory, a string not only floats in space-time, but is the material that constitutes space itself!
    The string is not only the invisible mechanism that generates gravity. It is the building block of matter as well as of space,
    time, and who knows of what else. The string is everything and nothing, all at the same time (Fig. 1).
Strings float in
space, but space
is made of strings

Fig. 1   String logic # 2

    But let’s overlook this irrationality and test what the proponent is saying. If the string theorist is correct and we scan width
    across the vacuum we have a surface. That’s funny! I can’t even conceive of the 1D let alone sweep it. I wonder how they
    performed this experiment in their labs. The only concept in Science that is 1-D is an edge. On the other hand, I can imagine
    an abstract, 2-D object such as a line. The problem is that when I visualize sweeping the line, I never end up with a surface.
    I always end up with the same line. Every frame of the film shows a 2-D line. I also tried with a 3-D ruler in my back yard.
    When I sweep the ruler, I never end up with a manifold either. I always end up with a ruler. Every frame that I inspected in
    the film I made shows the same thing: a single ruler. Perhaps the string theorists can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    So what are the theorists talking about? Apparently they haven’t performed the experiment in their labs.  If an experiment
    is the way mathematical physicists recommend for testing theories, the most basic experi-ments easily 'prove' that string
    theory is a waste of money!
Uuummmhh! Sir Al?
If space is made of
strings, what is it that
gives shape to each
Space consists of
countless strings, all
interlinked in a grand chain
mail, just like the one that
covers your chest.

1.       The mathematician points to Exhibit A: a photograph of a straight, 1 Planck-length
    long, 1D (blue) string set against space (pink background).
2.       The mathematician then stretches and bends the (blue) 1D string into a loop (not the
    surface of a circle, but the circle’s perimeter: its circumference). Again the string is
    contoured by (pink) space in this still image (Exhibit B).
3.       The prosecutor now presents Exhibit C: a movie of this (blue) 1D circumference
    traveling through (pink) space.
4.       Next, the mathematician points to a static image of a cylindrical tube which he says
    was constructed by the (blue) 1D circle traveling through (pink) space (Exhibit D).
    The (blue) cylinder is also pasted onto this (pink) space.
5.       Theory: At the end of the presentation, the string mathematicians tell the jury that
    the (blue) string was the same thing as the (pink) space that served as background
    all along!

    [What a bunch of morons! What a waste of space string theorists are!]


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