1.         One of two types of explanations that characterize religion (the other being classified as
               supernatural or surrealistic).

    2.         An irrational explanation consists of a scene that cannot be visualized or imagined.

    3.         An irrational explanation is one that the proponent cannot illustrate or convert into a movie.

    Traditional religions are for the most part supernatural or surrealistic (e.g., A mythical character popularly
    known as God intervenes in the lives of humans, a flaming bush talks to a man - Exodus 3:1-5, a woman
    talks to a snake - Gen 3:1 - 5, a man lives over 900 years - Gen 5:27, a man is swallowed by a fish and is
    spitted out alive after three days - Jonah 1:17, a man walks on water - Matt 14:25).

    Mathematical Physics relies almost exclusively on irrational explanations (e.g., transfer of 'energy,'
    moving the 'center' of mass, 'black hole' swallows an astronaut, annihilation: two particles turn into
    nothing, virtual particle: magical particle that intermittently loses and acquires length, width, and height,
    warped space prevents Mercury from leaving the Solar System, 'wormhole' connects two universes, 0D
    particle, 1D string, 4D space-time, traveling 'through' a concept (time), stretching 'time', shrinking 'the
    length', speed increases the amount of matter, atom: 0D particle orbits a proton, hybridization: binding
    two itineraries ('orbitals'), 'charge' traversing a 'field', transferring 'negative momentum.')   

                    synonyms: crazy, stupid, idiotic, moronic, borderline Down's


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