Contrary to popular belief, Science is not about predictions, falsification, or experimentation. Science is about presenting
    a theory in a logical manner. The definition of science also makes no provision for mathematical equations. An equation is
    just a description, and a description alone is not science. A scientific theory consists of an explanation. The juror should
    be able to visualize what the prosecutor has on his mind. This means that the prosecutor should be able to make a movie
    of his dissertation.  The juror can visualize a theory only if the prosecutor puts shapes on the screen. A scientific theory
    absolutely requires a physical object. Here I justify these arguments and show that without a physical object, the presenter
    cannot possibly be giving a rational dissertation, let alone be doing Science.
Aaah, Bill! This is what science is all about. I put this
little drop in here like this and, if my prediction is
correct, nitroglycerin will free you of asthma forever.

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Scientists don't know
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Adapted for the Internet from:          Why God Doesn't Exist


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