Of course, the growing crowd of dissidents of Mathematical Physics would relish if ST were even moderately successful. If
    memory serves us well, QM has been taught as gospel and praised as an impeccable mathematical theory at least since 1927:

    " We regard quantum mechanics as a complete theory for which the fundamental
      physical and mathematical hypotheses are no longer susceptible of modification."

    --Heisenberg and Max Born, paper delivered to Solvay Congress of 1927

    Tegmark now tells us that QM apparently is not complete and that we're not done with the physical interpretation that has
    reigned until today:

    " the prevailing view on the interpretation of quantum mechanics appears to be
      gradually changing. A (highly unscientific) poll taken at the 1997 UMBC quantum
      mechanics workshop gave the once all dominant Copenhagen interpretation less
      than half of the votes." [1]

    [Which again shows that mathematical physicists decide things by vote and are
    swayed by authority. I am certain that we could easily convert impressionable
    individuals such as Tegmark, who spend their time watching the polls, to switch
    his allegiance once more if we could just get all Nobel Prize winners to vote for
    the Copenhagen version again, this time in a 'scientific' poll. In Mathematical
    Physics, everybody looks at everybody else to see what they think and then
    they all agree to convert the theory into fact.]

    GR had been declared to be a ‘correct’ theory at least since ten years earlier:

    " Believing that his ‘General Theory of Relativity’ was too beautiful to be wrong,
      Einstein offered one of his most frequently quoted opinions to a reported who
      had asked him what he would have done had the eclipse experiment not agreed
      with relativity, 'Then I would feel sorry for the good Lord. The theory is correct!'.
      Soon after the results had been carefully analyzed by Eddington, Einstein’s
      theory emerged victorious." [2]

    And Newton’s gravitational theory was the standard for over 200 hundred years until GR took over. If ST is true, it would
    only prove once again that the mathematicians were dead wrong all these years about GR's warped space and QM's negative
    momentum despite that they proclaimed and still proclaim these theories to be infallible. If ST is anywhere closer to the truth,
    this will only corroborate that we cannot infer hypotheses from theories or physical interpretations from a set of equations.

    The icing on the cake is that staunch quantum theorists, those mathematicians who were brought up on particles and swear
    on their mother’s graves that their theory is correct accuse string theorists of not doing Physics. Quantum Nobel Glashow
    says it bluntly:

    “ What the string theorists do is arguably physics… There are physicists, and there
      are string theorists.” [3]

    [Ooooh! Touchy, touchy! Perhaps Shelly now feels in his own skin what Einstein
     must have felt when his disciples treated him like a senile old man simply because
     he refused to bow down to the poppycock of Quantum Mechanics and to the idiotic
     notion that there are four forces.]

    Columbia mathematician Woit gasps:

    “ During the 1960’s and early 1970’s, quantum field theory appeared to be doomed
      and string theory played a leading role as a theory of the strong interactions.
      Could it be that just as string theory was wrong then, it is wrong now, and in much
      the same way: perhaps the correct quantum theory of gravity is some form of
      asymptotically free gauge theory?” [4]

    [So, apparently, neither Quantum nor String Theories are on the solid foundations
    that are advertised!]

    Another Quantum Nobel, Steven Weinberg, advises the old guard to have patience with String Theory despite that he himself
    wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. He urges them to believe in string mathematics because:

    “ now string theory offers the only hope of a really unified way of nature.” [5]

    [If the idiotic Theory of Strings is what the mathematicians are betting their lives on, we
    can safely say that Mathematical Physics is finally at a dead end. The collective efforts
    of all the mathematicians ever born on Earth have been in vain!]

    So what do these categorical pronouncements say about the religion of Quantum Mechanics? If QM is more or less a
    description of reality why are we now moving to a radically new physics?

    After 100 years of absolute lunacy, the subatomic-minded mathematicians have painted themselves into a corner. They
    ended up with two worlds, one of Quantum and another of String. As Glashow notes, these guys don’t talk to each other.

    An even more fundamental non-starter with strings is that String Theory is un-testable in the lab. It is purely an abstract
    pursuit. So the incongruous situation has arisen where the old Quantum guard has built these huge accelerators to test
    particle theory and those that came after have their minds on something else. Certainly, accelerating and breaking up
    particles into tinier constituents is not going to resolve anything if the ultimate particle is made of a vibrating string. The
    new breeds of mathematicians have come to realize that the only way to reach this fundamental level is through more
    thought experiments and not through hands-on experiments. The kids coming out of college can’t wait 100 years for
    governments to come up with the funds necessary to test String Theory. So, rather than go to the accelerator and waste
    his ‘valuable’ time running an experiment with particles, the string theorist moseys on down to the nearest bar and shoots
    the bull for a couple of hours with like-minded people. They exchange abstract ideas and equations, and digress along
    irrelevant tangents, and drink beer.

    Glashow is appalled and sad to realize that the work of thousands of Quantum mathematicians over a period of decades
    will end up so badly. What is the future of the accelerators his generation built? Why has the new breed abandoned
    meatballs for spaghetti?  

    “ who’s going to be there to continue the role of building a better theory of particle
      physics?” [6]

    I guess his stunning closing remark is a resounding verdict on Quantum. It speaks volumes of the legitimacy of this
    ridiculous theory. The new generation of mathematicians doesn’t want to pursue particles anymore because we only
    end up with more particles. Soon no one will remember this elegant, precise, symmetric, and beautiful theory. It will be
    upstaged by a vibrating string itself made of point particles each of which in turn is a vibrating string.

    Odenwald’s words serve as a fitting reminder of the fate that awaits false prophets and prophecies:

    “ the only way that wrong theories actually vanish is that their proponents die off.
      They are never replaced by a new generation of students willing to pursue ideas
      that consistently go against experimental evidence and logical consistency.” [7]

    The new breeds have voted with their feet. They ignore Quantum Mechanics because they realized that it has no future.
    Quantum simply doesn’t explain the natural world. You should follow their lead and reject Quantum too. And while you’re
    at it, ignore String Theory as well. It is absolute garbage. It has nothing to do with reality. It just gives the last generation
    of mathematicians something to do. ST just helps the new breeds make a living until we are no more.
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