illustrate, illustration


    1.       To communicate ideas with images

    2.       To make a movie of your theory

    Illustrate differs from explain in that it invokes only objects. An illustration is a silent movie. It should
    be self-explanatory. A silent movie is objective and does not need the testimony of a mathematician.

    A presenter unable to present his theory with images does not have a valid physical interpretation
    for a natural phenomenon. His alleged theory has nothing to do with the real world or with Science.
    The first step of the scientific method is to present the objects that will play a relevant role in the
    theory. We cannot illustrate 0-D points, 1-D lines, or 4-D hyperspheres or tesseracts. For the
    purposes of Science, all figures must either be 2-D or 3-D.

    Abstract concepts such as love, justice, location, energy, mass, force, field, and time cannot be
    illustrated. They do not qualify as illustrations for the purposes of Science. Thus, such concepts
    cannot serve as the ultimate hypotheses to explain a physical phenomenon. A concept is itself a
    theory. We cannot place theories in lieu of images on a screen. In Science, it is irrational to do
    'physics' with concepts.

    synonyms: picture, photograph, frame, sculpture, mockup, example


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