The mathematical definition of
dimension is unscientific
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Why God Doesn't Exist


    Many of the problems in contemporary Mathematical Physics arise as a result of the inconsistent use of
    the strategic word dimension, a fact owing to the myriads of definitions used by different disciplines. By
    invoking several definitions within the same dissertation, the mathematicians are able to cover all the
    bases and weasel out of impossible situations.  What is a dimension and why did the mathematicians
    have to concoct so many notions of this term? Does the word dimension as defined by the
    mathematicians have anything to do with Physics? Yet more fundamental, does it have anything to do
    with Mathematics?

    Here I explore the infamous dimension of Mathematics and argue that Mathematics has no use for
    genuine dimensions, coordinates, or vectors. For centuries, the mathematicians have used the words
    dimension, coordinate, and vector to refer to number lines.
2-D Bill
trapped within the multi-dimensional
labyrinth of Mathematical Physics

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