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Why God Doesn't Exist
A mechanic is an
individual who never
heard of the force of pull

    It becomes apparent from the previous discussion that Quantum will have trouble generating pull with
    particles. This is the reason the mechanics had to come up with the amusing negative-momentum transfer
    and time reversal explanations. They also had to tell you that these are logical explanations, that they were
    inferred from impeccable Math, and that you are a rotten egg if you don’t accept them.

    Einstein was a bit of a rotten egg. He died believing that there were only two forces in the universe,
    electromagnetism and gravity. This is one of the few instances where Einstein’s intuition was sound and,
    ironically, where his disciples charged him with heresy and burned him at the stake! Nobel Prize Glashow
    says this about his hero:

    “[Einstein] never cared to learn about the two other forces that exist in the
      universe, beyond gravity and electromagnetism.”[1]

    Relativists and mechanics couldn’t live with just Good and Evil. They had to invent Maybe.

    Einstein was right because there can only be two types of ‘resistances’ in the universe: push and pull. The
    object can either resist by pushing against us or resist by pulling on us. This also follows from Newton’s 3rd
    Law, which states that an action generates a reaction. If we push we have resistance and if we pull we have
    resistance. What other form of physical contact can Glashow conceive? Whether the mechanics define force
    as a measure of a body’s acceleration, [2]  as change in momentum, [3]  or as resistance to push or pull, [4]  
    they will not be able to elude the fact that there are only two types of physical forces. The photon and the
    weak force push outwards. The graviton and the gluon pull inwards. If the mathematicians need more than
    push and pull to explain their theory, there is clearly something fatally wrong with Quantum. It is easier to
    conclude that QM's entire particle scheme is flawed and has nothing to do with the physical world. Quantum
    is simply a mathematical description for phenomena the mechanics have yet to understand.

    Push of necessity involves two distinct, discrete objects and a single interface; therefore, it deals with the
    discrete. The billiard ball world of QM has no problem here. Pull is another matter. There is no way that QM
    can rationally explain pull with discrete particles. Pull necessarily invokes a continuous intermediary. This is
    the only reason that the mechanics have yet to unify electromagnetism (push) with gravity (pull). Until they
    tackle this insurmountable conceptual problem, they are just spinning their virtual photons developing
    worthless equations. Meanwhile, let’s investigate the requirements to generate pull in Physics.
I know. It's a bit tricky, Bill. Since we don't
have the force of pull in Quantum Mechanics,
we must do what we can with the laws of
billiard ball physics.  For example, those two
researchers over there appear to be
dragging their colleagues when they are in
fact throwing golf balls at them.

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