Sure, Al! I just pray for the
sake of your knee that the Sun
doesn't decide to emit
bowling balls tomorrow!

    For 400 years, the mathematicians have relied on particles and waves to model light, and this is what your teachers have passed
    on to you. The particle has been particularly successful, in great measure, because it was the simplest entity the uninspired
    lamebrains of Mathematics could come up with to simulate their equations.

    Unfortunately, neither particles nor waves on their own can explain all of the experiments we run in the lab. For instance, the
    mechanics use the particle model to explain the photoelectric and Compton  effects and the wave model to explain interference
    and polarization. The scientific method leads the rational mind to infer that some experiments show that light cannot possibly be
    a particle and other experiments show that light cannot possibly be a wave. Instead, the idiots of Mathematics blended these two
    hypotheses into an unfathomable compromise known as a wave-packet.

    " The Copenhagen Interpretation: Light is neither... Matter in general exhibits both
      particle and wave behaviors." [1]

    They affectionately call this surrealistic concoction 'the photon.' The official version has it that light travels as a wave and departs
    and arrives as a particle. You figure it out!
The photon starts out as a particle in
an atom in the Sun and travels as a
wave until it strikes the frame of the
slit. That's when it turns into a particle
again. Then it travels as a wave until it
hits my knee, when it turns into a
particle one more time.

    " Light travels as a wave but departs and arrives as a particle"
    " Somehow, Nature contrives to build a consistent world in which particles and field
      -oscillations are the same thing! Or, rather, her world consists of some more subtle
      ingredient, the words ‘particle’ and ‘wave’ conveying but partially appropriate pictures."

    " But the electromagnetic theory is not based on action at a distance as was Newton’s.
      Space is thought of as being threaded throughout with electrical and magnetic

    " A chemical bond acts like a stiff spring connecting nuclei. As a result, the nuclei in a
      molecule vibrate, rather than maintaining fixed positions relative to each other."

    " a field in physics may be envisioned as if space were filled with interconnected vibrating
      balls and springs"   The Casimir Effect

    " Wiggling one charge causes the field lines attached to it to wiggle, and after a time the
      other charge starts to wiggle! It's just like a rope connecting two rocks. ... the wave
      here consists of a wiggling line of electric force which you can think of as being
      'attached' to the vibrating charge."

    The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics   John Cramer
Light: Neither
particle nor
transverse wave
Adapted for the Internet from:

Why God Doesn't Exist

    Then again, the teachers and instructors could have told you that light is really comprised of transverse electromagnetic waves:

    Indeed, the mathematical morons have always hovered around the true physical nature of light and its relation to atoms. They
    just never figured it out because of their fanatical emphasis on Mathematics. Here are a few testimonies of people who almost
    beat me to it:

    A rope is the only entity that simulates all the known attributes of light that have ever been documented. Because it can mediate
    both push and pull simultaneously, a rope is also an ideal mechanism to explain the GUT! Particles and strings are now dead.
    We have a new Universe.

    NOTE:         The structure of the atom and the manner in which
    EM ropes avoid tangling while they criss-cross the
    Universe are beyond the scope of this website.


    Perhaps you were told in high school or college that light consists of particles:

    It turns out that light is neither a wave nor a particle. Every atom in the Universe is physically bound to all others via two
    anti-parallel threads twined around each other like strands of DNA. For 400 years the idiots of Mathematics have been staring
    at a torque signal propagating from one atom to another along a rope and calling it a corpuscle. The alleged 'particle' that the
    mechanics at CERN, SLAC, and KEK have been studying for decades travels so fast and rectilinearly because it runs along a
    highway that permanently interconnects any two atoms.  


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