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Why God Doesn't Exist


    The Quantum atom suffers primarily because of several inconsistent pictures the mechanics paint of the electron. An electron
    is not a little bead that orbits a bowling ball or a ribbon permanently surrounding a nucleus or a balloon that encapsulates the
    proton all around. An electron is all of the above simultaneously. Of course, it is this type of surrealistic description which led
    Heisenberg, Bohr, and others to declare that an atom is not for real.

    " the electron and the atom do not possess any degree of physical reality as
      objects of daily experience"                                                         W. Heisenberg  [1]    

    The mathematicians see an atom as merely an abstract mathematical description. You are not supposed to visualize an atom.
    You are supposed to understand it, an the way you understand it is through Mathematics. The Quantum atom is a concept
    and not an object.

    However, most idiots of the establishment forget about this and gawk like the stupid fools that they truly are when they see a
    picture of an atom in religious journals such as Nature or Science and boast to friends and family that we have the technology
    today to see atoms. Let's make it absolutely clear. No one on Earth has ever seen an atom. You have to be a complete
    nincompoop to believe such an Emperor's Clothes Tale. My argument is not too elaborate. If anyone ever saw an atom and
    photographed it, he should be able to draw it for us and bet his life on it! If the idiots of the establishment cannot even describe
    an atom and agree on a description, much less could they have seen one!

    However, the mechanics treat the atom, the proton, the electron and other subatomic parts as physical objects throughout the
    remainder of their presentation. They act as if their casual description of the atom as a concept was trivial. The Quantum atom
    forms bonds with other atoms and creates molecules, the aggregate of which results in macro objects like you. However, the
    atom and the electron have a strange way of morphing from concepts into objects and back again during the theory, so be
    aware. The atom and the electron are abstract concepts at hypothesis, but real objects during the explanation of the theory.

    Here I will say a few words about the quantum electron just to show how ridiculous the complete and perfect billiard-ball
    Theory of Quantum really is. You will never believe in a mathematician or his physical interpretations ever again. The world
    that the mechanics want you to swallow is more than just counterintuitive and irrational. It is absolutely hilarious.

The Quantum electron:
a bead, a ribbon, AND a
cloud all in one!
There is ultimately no
physical reality to atoms or
electrons any more than
there is a physical reality to
ghosts and goblins.
Where is the road out
of this hell? I want to
go back to heaven.


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